Thailand with the Boyf

Unsure if this human approaching me is a man dressed as a woman, a manly looking woman, or a womanly looking man...either way, I'm terrified.

...Make up on point though. Good job hon.

You know all those stories people tell you about ping pong shows? The ones where the Thai 'women' shoot darts and pull baby animals out of their you-know-whats?

Well I tell ya what. It's all true.

I have absolutely no idea how it is biologically possible to fit all that business up in their hoohaas. Perhaps they had a few organs removed idk. Doesn't sit well with how my anatomy works that's for damn sure.

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Topdeck Tour - Troubles & Tips

An honest review from a solo female traveler.

There's an abundance of conflicting opinions on whether or not prearranged international tours like Topdeck are a good way for a young solo gal to travel. They are hugely convenient in that basically everything is organised for you. Your travel, accommodation, most of your meals, and a lot of your activities are taken all taken care of. You basically just book the trip and it's all happy go Larry, yeah?

We'll see. 

Other than my American stint, I had never really traveled on my own before. Being a young female; and one who tries to keep her wits about her after seeing one too many Taken films, I was never going to set off on a lone excursion around Europe. Cue Liam Neeson "I have a very particular set of skills..."

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Au Pair Nightmare

I love kids. But looking after someone else’s as a full time job is more effective than any kind of birth control on the market.

Before I get into blabbing about my American Au pair experience, I want to point out that on a whole I think the Au pair/Nannying abroad programme in general is awesome, and can provide you with a really good set up if you want to live and work in another country. However, the enjoyment level of your experience rides a lot on the family you are paired with.

Obviously there are many factors that influence a lengthy overseas encounter. Self-awareness, foreign awareness, and home sickness levels to name a few are all key players in your ability to fully immerse yourself in the opportunity.

For me, everything was all peachy keen at the start.

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