Turbulent Twenties

“Yeah I’ll be married, own a house, and be thinking about children by likeee, mid 20s.”

Um PFFFT. I write this currently sitting in my pyjamas at 3pm, in my FLAT, Teen Mom on in the background, and thinking about what takeaway I’ll get for dins.

I think it was right up until leaving uni that I realised the reality of this rationale was far from how it would actually pan out. As kids we have these expectations of what our futures will look like. I’m not entirely sure who is to blame for stowing these ideologies upon us, but the average child is generally raised with idea that life is done in a specific order. You go through schooling, attend university, or “college” *insert American Pie sophomore accent here*, travel, start your career, buy a house, get married, have kids. Then what? Who the hell knows – they missed that part out in the ‘American dream’ type films we’ve all seen.

Apart from the odd person/couple in my age group who has seemed to “clock life” by achieving the ‘life milestones’ I mentioned earlier, this generation appears to be jumping on that life accomplishment bandwagon a little later, or in fact, creating their own order.

Coming out of uni (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), I felt super disorientated (could have been the copious amount of Scrumpy I knocked back, idk). Do I go overseas? Do I try find a job? Should I do more study? All questions I asked myself.

I really struggled with the in between of no longer being a student, but not quite being ready for real adulthood either. It was no longer acceptable to bring sausage rolls to a potluck dinner, but did I know how to make a chicken casserole? No. Do I now know how to make a chicken casserole? Still no.

Throughout these years as a young 20 something you sort of seem to take life as it comes. I’ve had friends who have lived years abroad, some who haven’t left home, and some, who like me have just gone wherever the wind has blown them.

Despite people saying “everything will work out” or “just do what makes you happy”, it seems that once you’ve finished all compulsory education you’re sort of just spat out on the other side and left to tackle the wilderness on your own.

Maybe there should be a class called “how to adult” or something along those lines. At high school we are taught bullsh** like algebra and how to dissect an effing rat, but are we taught how to do our own tax and gst returns? Nope. Can someone teach me pls cause I ain’t got a damn clue that’s fo sho.

I’m not really sure where this spiel was headed, but in this PC world we currently live in I think it’s great that it is more accepted to do whatever the eff we want in life and in whatever order we bloody choose. So far I’ve learned (cos I’m so wise n all) that there is no right or wrong way.

Things do naturally fall into place, eventually.

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