A Minimalistic Mind

"Love people, use things. Because the other way around never works." - The Minimalists

I love stuff. I love going to the shops and checking out what's new in store. It's a buzz. A temporary high. An attempt to fill some sort of hypothetical void in my living space, wardrobe, or life.

But what that tangible consumption is doing is adding absolutely no value to my existence. Cluttering my world with meaningless junk, meaningless goals, and meaningless thoughts as a result of what society is telling me what my life should be like. 

After watching the Netflix documentary Minimalism I am beginning to reevaluate my consumption of products, my thoughts, and what success really means to me. You may think when one refers to minimalist living they are suggesting you throw out all of your crap and live with nothing. But it's so much deeper than that.

It's about analysing your relationships, your job, your possessions, and what you really want out of life. Where does the true meaning to your life really lie? I can tell you one thing, it's certainly not in what you own. Think about it. 

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13 Reasons Why I Understand

Hey, It's Char. Char Moff. I know what you're thinking...here is another spiel about 13 Reasons Why and how it glorifies teen suicide in a Disney meets American Pie fashion. But what I'm about to tell you, on this whatever device you are reading on, is all of the mistakes the show didn't make.

If you're reading this, you are one of the ones who have watched the series. Get a snack, settle in, and enjoy my tape. 

Since its Netflix release on March 12, the show has caused a massive global stir. My Facebook has been absolutely bombarded with people chiming in with their two cents about the messages it does, or does not portray.

It seems to be one of those shows people either love and find saaaah relatable, or think is utter crap. Whatever your stance, I think we can all agree on it's highly thought provoking qualities. #ControversyForTheWin.

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New Age Dating - Where Are We Going Wrong?

At the tender age of 18, many of our grandparents, or even parents were saying "I do."

When I was 18, I was throwing up out of my bedroom window at the mere thought of being married so young...and from the Feijoa 42 Below vodka I knocked back the night before.

With the advance of technology, dating apps, and social media, the world of modern dating is prompting us to neglect the traditional dating methods once determined by our ancestors. 

Our oldies didn't need all this BS to meet the loves of their lives, and some 60-70 years later a lot of them are still happily married to their best friend.

Why is no one picking up the phone and calling anymore? Why are we talking to people online for weeks and weeks before actually meeting up? That's how it was done and should still be how it's done.

Maybe we've gotten fussier, maybe there's more judgement, maybe swiping right (or left for that matter) on tinder is way too fun to give up, or maybe we just don't know what the hell we're looking for.

All these dating apps are great in a sense that they allow you to connect with people you never would have otherwise, but they are also pretty warped.

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Turbulent Twenties

“Yeah I’ll be married, own a house, and be thinking about children by likeee, mid 20s.”

Um PFFFT. I write this currently sitting in my pyjamas at 3pm, in my FLAT, Teen Mom on in the background, and thinking about what takeaway I’ll get for dins.

I think it was right up until leaving uni that I realised the reality of this rationale was far from how it would actually pan out. As kids we have these expectations of what our futures will look like. I’m not entirely sure who is to blame for stowing these ideologies upon us, but the average child is generally raised with idea that life is done in a specific order. You go through schooling, attend university, or “college” *insert American Pie sophomore accent here*, travel, start your career, buy a house, get married, have kids. Then what? Who the hell knows – they missed that part out in the ‘American dream’ type films we’ve all seen.

Apart from the odd person/couple in my age group who has seemed to “clock life” by achieving the ‘life milestones’ I mentioned earlier, this generation appears to be jumping on that life accomplishment bandwagon a little later, or in fact, creating their own order.

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