Blending, strobing, contouring, highlighting.

Where do we bloody begin and how on earth do we achieve the holy grail ‘Kylie Jenner pout game’ while also nailing the ‘brows on fleek ’saga. Who in god’s name comes up with these gimmicks anyway - there’s too many trends and I’M FREAKING OUT.

I say this like I’m a complete stranger to the odd Mac lippy, primer, or contour kit. I’m really not, but I’m no Shaaanxo either. It’s rare to catch me with no makeup on, and if you do, it’s because I’m either hungover, going to the gym, or deceased.

I haven’t been to makeup school, I don’t have an outrageous collection of the latest Bobbi Brown or Chanel products of the world, but I have taken somewhat of an interest in this classy face paint we like to call makeup.

Not suggesting that the odd friend asking me to do their makeup for them on a Saturday night (no big), or watching the odd YouTube vid has made me in any way a pro - but I would like to think I’m maayybbee at an intermediate level with the basics (coming in hot here).

I won’t promise state of the art reviews, tutorials, or recommendations (once again, no Shaaanxo). But I will keep this space open for my two cents from time to time and share what I think works, what doesn’t, and what lipstick stays on after a day at the races ft. hot dogs and lime green cruisers.

(Image via Pinterest)